Friday, 30 November 2007

New Hair

Four new styles for the girls this week. Special dedicated hair to Antie Pants from Artilleri (50% Sale!!, Go get some!) for the stores 2 yr Bday!!!!

No freebie this week sorry guys I was soooooo harassed by some seriously aggressive FREEGANS that i thought i will have a break this week lol. Will make something free next week :)

Hope everyone has a wicked weekend!


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The art of giving!


So there is a lot of talk of mod/copy or mod/trans, I am a Mod/Copy boy now... originally a Mod/Trans boy lol but with a lot of hair now and my sim relocation I decided to go all the way with Mod/Copy... as mentioned in other blogs with SL and the masses of inventory loss, I think it is more of a solid stance and a semi safe guard for the designer but also I think its nice to be able to copy your item maybe tint that etc.. and have the original.. now that being said.. I face dilemma! of sorts...

With the festive season fast approaching and Santa nearly stuck in the chimney "The Art of Giving" is here!! and I have the basic drop me a note card I will hook up your friend/lover etc.. now its getting a bit basic as my business progresses as I am fielding quite a few IM's a day now... I ages ago purchased the Credit Card style system which i initially implemented and came with mixed reviews... as some people like to click the vendor and see the list of items being purchased appear in front of your eyes ( I like this personally myself, but also know i can click the edit menu to see the items but a new player doesn't know this right?)

So I could re install the above system... or create gift certificates and fill orders which I am happy to do as well.

But i would love to hear back from you guys as you are the consumers and I want to serve you the best I can!

So there is a poll connected to my blog on the top right hand side ... just click whatever your preference and feel free to post a comment for your reasoning or whatever. I will implement whatever you guys prefer.

love Truth

Saturday, 24 November 2007

This weeks release!

New tattoo on multi layers, M.Monroe inspired she lovely.

New babydolls in cute colors and stuff.

And 5 new hair styles... all at mainstore... search: TRUTH or map: Sweet Sorrow.

Happy Thanks giving to all those people involved...... new freebie hair in Carrot this week Perry and Perry 2 .... please be aware sometimes it takes time to deliver its a SL thing and the group is now nearly at 1500 so please hang in there you will get it lol

It will be in the Subscribe O Matic for 48hrs so enjoy :) and if you are set to busy and miss it just unsubscribe then subscribe again it should get delivered.

big snuggles Truth

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Subscribe - O - Matic

Just a quick note...

I have left the hair in the Subscribe -O- Matic ... i have fixed the prob with the history and it will give you hair now lol [Totally my stuff up!! Sorry :) .. I did not realize you had to have the controller rezzed in world .. I should read instructions lol]

SO THE FREE HAIR IS IN THERE !! I PROMISE !! lol and will remain in there for a few more days.

If you are a member and missed the gift drop me an IM will drop you ... Just a note if you are set-to-busy the matic wont give it to you ... and neither can I. So either unsubscribe and subscribe or just wait for the next round of GIFT which I do regularly :)

The system is very very cool ... So if you are interested in it drop an IM to Mso Lambert and he will explain its benefits a lot better than me lol.

Now if your a in world magazine in SL and not using this system you are bonkers... It is totally geared towards an in world mag... you can change textures, keep back issues in the system , terminals update automatically and work grid wide also you have a full database of your readers and automatically send issues to them!! How cool is that!! So get on! Me personally would love to join a mag where it got delivered to my inventory that would be hot!!


Saturday, 17 November 2007

Some new hairy bits

4 new styles for the girls and one for the more emo/neko boy.

Dakota is for one of my biggest fans and makes me super excited to make more she gets immortalized on a side pony.

Haedon... this one is mid length with flexi and nice little bangs at the front.

Nancy a cute short cut a little uneven funky fun ... I don't know I'm making this shit up as I go here lol

and and and.... Maxwell long side parted emoish neko boy loving handsomeness!

oops forgots Jezebelle... like a double toni tail lol

Phew glad that is over lol :)

FREEEEE Hair in Subscribe O Matic Nancy[Auburn], Maxwell[Auburn]. Join and you shall recieve!


Friday, 9 November 2007

Sculptie Womens Hair and Comfy Long Sleeve tops

New womens hair ... also added 4 new colors to the palette... carrot,honey,toffee and jelly [thats the pink one lol]

Also some comfy unisex tops. Well they look comfy! lol

This week in the Subscribe O Matic... when you join you will find a group only exclusive of the top for you! Only available for the next 24hrs.

<3 Truth

Friday, 2 November 2007

New Hair and Womens Jeans

Hey all,

4 New hairstyles available at mainstore... and some super sexy jeans for the girls!

All in mainstore now... also if you are after a freebie .. i have put one in the Subcribe O Matic .. for you just click to join and choose history and choose No.1

It will make more sense when you click it LOL