Sunday, 18 November 2007

Subscribe - O - Matic

Just a quick note...

I have left the hair in the Subscribe -O- Matic ... i have fixed the prob with the history and it will give you hair now lol [Totally my stuff up!! Sorry :) .. I did not realize you had to have the controller rezzed in world .. I should read instructions lol]

SO THE FREE HAIR IS IN THERE !! I PROMISE !! lol and will remain in there for a few more days.

If you are a member and missed the gift drop me an IM will drop you ... Just a note if you are set-to-busy the matic wont give it to you ... and neither can I. So either unsubscribe and subscribe or just wait for the next round of GIFT which I do regularly :)

The system is very very cool ... So if you are interested in it drop an IM to Mso Lambert and he will explain its benefits a lot better than me lol.

Now if your a in world magazine in SL and not using this system you are bonkers... It is totally geared towards an in world mag... you can change textures, keep back issues in the system , terminals update automatically and work grid wide also you have a full database of your readers and automatically send issues to them!! How cool is that!! So get on! Me personally would love to join a mag where it got delivered to my inventory that would be hot!!