Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New Hair & Shoes

new hair and shoooess. Shoes come in 3 diff designs, each with 5 colour options. Texture change version available also.
<3 Truth

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Ts & Trackstar Jackets

Ignite has been buuussy!! not to leave the fellas Ts in 8 colors & Unisex Trackstar Jackets in 4 colors. Ts come on jacket and tucked versions and Trackstar Jackets include M & F sculpted attachments wheeeeee! <3 T

Fashion Accessories

Every now and then someone makes something truly brilliant, might be a dress, a skin, a sim etc...

This for me is one of these times... Maximilian Milos of Maximum Minimum the creator of beautifully refined furnishing and prefabs, has now created MaxMarine and MaxMarina a ultra chic Yacht Club ( A place where you would expect 007 to be lounging before a long legged lunch meeting) and also the home to what now could arguably be the most elegant well created fully functional boats in Second Life TM R XXX.

Yes I know what you are thinking what relevance does this have to fashion well not a lot to be frank but..... If you can't see how fashionable you would look wearing your favourite outfit floating around with your favourite windlight setting... well in the famous words of Heidi Klum "YOU ARE OUT!"

The boat pictured above is the Swordfish 40... the baby brother to the Baracuda (not pictured A MUST SEE)... the way it handles and realistic sounds are truly remarkable a real testament to super scripting and the actual boat build is just incredible which those familiar with Max's work would know he does not miss a beat in the building department.

Max is a good friend of mine and maybe I have a natural affinity to his work but anyone that not even vaguely knows him will want one of these boats to cherish and play in... So if you are looking at getting your loved one a gift this summer that makes you want to drink Bollinger TM R XXX and cruise the Mediterranean you really have to get to MaxMarine... Congrats Max on something really exeptional.

Visit MaxMarina


* Truth Hawks does not gain commissions from this post but would expect massive hugs and kisses from Max later today ty :)

New Hair & Shoes

3 new hair and NEW SHOES!! Ignite Nightfire made some cute pumps and cork wedges, available per colour or texture change option. {FREE GROUP SHOES IN SUBSCRIBOMATIC}

<3 truth

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New Hair

some new hair, 1 sculpted mohawk (by ignite nightfire) and 3 ladies!

<3 TH