Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The art of giving!


So there is a lot of talk of mod/copy or mod/trans, I am a Mod/Copy boy now... originally a Mod/Trans boy lol but with a lot of hair now and my sim relocation I decided to go all the way with Mod/Copy... as mentioned in other blogs with SL and the masses of inventory loss, I think it is more of a solid stance and a semi safe guard for the designer but also I think its nice to be able to copy your item maybe tint that etc.. and have the original.. now that being said.. I face dilemma! of sorts...

With the festive season fast approaching and Santa nearly stuck in the chimney "The Art of Giving" is here!! and I have the basic drop me a note card I will hook up your friend/lover etc.. now its getting a bit basic as my business progresses as I am fielding quite a few IM's a day now... I ages ago purchased the Credit Card style system which i initially implemented and came with mixed reviews... as some people like to click the vendor and see the list of items being purchased appear in front of your eyes ( I like this personally myself, but also know i can click the edit menu to see the items but a new player doesn't know this right?)

So I could re install the above system... or create gift certificates and fill orders which I am happy to do as well.

But i would love to hear back from you guys as you are the consumers and I want to serve you the best I can!

So there is a poll connected to my blog on the top right hand side ... just click whatever your preference and feel free to post a comment for your reasoning or whatever. I will implement whatever you guys prefer.

love Truth