Sunday, 28 October 2007

New Store, New Sim, New Stuff!

New Sim.... So after having chats with my lovely Haes we decided that we need a sim.. She needed it for hair making and I needed a central permanent spot for my store... So Sweet Sorrow is born! Not sure what I have created here really lol I guess the end result is a sort of restored manor in my favorite concrete look I originally started with on my very first store and Haedon created a wicked fountain and we dotted caravans around the garden sort of area. Haedon is BACK!!! from holidays!! <3

New mens... 2 new tops for men ... a bit college boyish .

New hair ... 7 new hair .. 2 with Sculptie hat[fedora style] made in Blender... With texture menu driven changer.. worked out well and more styles for the women out there.. working on more mens.

New Womens... Gypsy Coat and Aleta outfit .. all a bit Gypsy themed .. not sure why must be the caravans lol.

I am still working on a few things.. male skins and improved womens.

There is also alot of really cheap packs of stuff in the mens and womens sections .. so check em out.

Well thats me for abit. SLURL below will get you here!