Friday, 5 October 2007

HAIR by Truth

Created some womens and mens hair over the past month.

Wentz: Is based on Peter Wentz hair do from Fallout Boy... translates really nicely to a sexy short cut for women.

Sunday: Sort of the next day after a big night out hair do.... i think my favorite.

Toni Tail: Saw this in a fashion mag its called Toni after some stylist ... something a bit different from your standard pony tail with little pattere clip.

Pearly: Another sort of classic look I saw in a mag. Oldie worldly meets the 00's.

Amy Jane: Saw this cute cut on one of the Suicide Girls ... also includes a 9 color touch texture head band.

Textures I used a mix of photo and drawn .. which worked out kinda nice! 14 diff colors at the moment not sure if I will expand that in the near future but I hope there is enough to cover your color needs.

Well I better get back to re shooting ads .. they are available in my main store now.. there is also a boys cut there in the mens section Wentz for the men ... I have sort of 2.5 mens so i will finish them up for you guys and blog the pic.