Sunday, 17 February 2008


I have been accused of theft! Thats right Sofia Gray over at "I'm a Socialite" blog has accused myself of "knocking off" ETD styles. After being directed to this initially I thought fuck her, but after a few WELL KNOWN bloggers contacted me saying WTF is the girl on about? These bloggers said "YOUR HAIR IS NOTHING LIKE ETD's"... "there is just no similarity, for her to say its copied can ruin peoples reputations" hmmm this isn't coming from a self proclaimed socialite either.

It actually makes me laugh as I own very little ETD hair and would be really surprised to hear Elika's point of view on this (so I contacted her.)

I make my hair from source photos like a lot of SL content creators I see a style on a hair products site etc.. I make it as these pictures show and I could provide a source picture for most of the styles in Truth unless its one that i have remmy'd from a video clip or whatever. These are the styles that are IN FASHION in RL...people are wearing them in RL and obviously they may like to wear them in SL!

Look I have no problem with people not liking me, personal grievances etc.. don't faze me one little bit.

But if your willing to accuse me (And Sofia we have spoken, what 3 times in SL?) of theft and feel so strongly against me personally DONT COME AND BUY MY DOLLARBIE you cheap ...

SO YES YOURE BANNED and YES it does not surprise me you are banned from other designers' stores if you are accusing them of theft. WE GOT LISTS TOO and we own our stores so I guess we can ban whoever we like as you feel that you can say whatever you like on your blog... and it's one thing to have an opinion but accusation of theft? that's a tad bit different my SL Socialite. IF YOU ARE GOING TO RUN A BLOG WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF PERSONAL ATTACK, DON'T GET UPSET IF PEOPLE DON'T LIKE IT!

I don't expect anyone to really care or back me up on this, unfortunately most people are scared of giving there honest opinions without the backlash from others(some bloggers.) Its a fucking shame that the nice quiet people say nothing or support you to your face and its the loud mouth cocks that ruin for the rest of us.

*edit* With regard to other hair designers, you are welcome to accept being labeled thieves, that is your personal choice, and I respect that and won't defend you, as it is none of my business. Even if one is my partner lol I'm sure you can fight your own battles.


****UPDATE****** LOL sooooo dramatic!!

[1:40] Truth Hawks: thanks for being understanding, Im sure you get roped into all the time : ) Do you mind if I quote your bit on it not being the same, just in comments to get this betch off my ass? LOL
[1:41] Elikapeka Tiramisu: sure you can say that I don't think its the same.
[1:41] Truth Hawks: ty ty!! you rock

****UPDATE***** FYI! can't believe this shizzle