Monday, 7 January 2008

I have been busy!

Hi everyone! Now i wanted say a really quick sorry for being away and delayed on redeeming gift certs , stale smelly old trans and any other random crap. And not making a release or giving freegans stuffage.

WE MADE BABIES!!! If you need any advise on how to do this...... it doesn't involve prim attachments LOL

Little Jasmine came into our world 3 weeks early the cheeky thing and threw my partners and I RL in a spin lol She was meant to be due TODAY!!! hence this post lol but came on the 19 of Dec 07 so we had a fulll on christmas !!

I love her she smiled today and vomited on me yesterday so its fun!!!

Well to those who care I should be back sort of on and off a bit more at the end of this week with some new stuffs and might rearrange and put the Scripted card system back in as this Certificate redeeming really f*%*%#$$%*king sucks lots.

Happy New Year and lots of dry humpage as this is what can happen!! *WARNING*