Monday, 24 March 2008

Girls Paradies

After seeing a post by Second Wave I went to check out this place at Terra Tron. I found some ripped hair (ETD I think) under the name of Mellisinha Palen - this same person IMed me yesterday asking where she could find the skin in my hair vendors lol, she seemed dodgy so I asked her what her store was...she said she sold full perm stuff she made, because she is making better stuff to sell LOL so I would ban this person, most stuff seems to be ripped by the person Slavegirl Allen (Shut this place down!!) Some things in there, though texture ripped, seem to be by the original creator? not sure how this works.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Lots New

Firstly lots of new hair!! There are dollarbie hairs available for a limited time only (Danny & Danny2, a unisex hair and Deanne which has a texture change band). Be quick... these will be put back for normal sale after a couple of days!

Couple of mentions - Rachel is a request by the lovely Rachel Boram and Natalia is a hair suggested by Rvrphoenix Masala.

New build, hope this new layout makes it more easier to shop. The sim has had a makeover and a few of my buddies have small stores...Surf Co, Artilleri, Dutch Touch, La Sylphide, Savvy?, Fuse, ROT, Lix & Kookla!

The awesome Ryker Beck slurl / blog did wicked store posters for me!! you are the best Ryker!! ty ty ty I highly recommends her <3

Premiering ARCANE LIQUID SKINS by Ignite Nightfire

A range of gorgeous womens skins, 4 makeup ranges in 5 skintones. For a limited time only FREE SKIN! one makeup in 5 skin tones, follow the slurl to the store on Sweet Sorrow to pick your's up.

<3 Truth

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Egg Hunt No More

Sorry everyone but I have had to end the egg hunt early due to sim performance. I didn't realise it would be so popular lol and I'm trying to rebuild the sim. So many avs is making it impossible!

Hope you had fun anyway!
<3 Truth

Monday, 17 March 2008

Egg Hunt!

there is an Egg Hunt on at Truth! 6 egg systems are installed so jump in and find one with your initial to claim your 250L gift card! To use card just wear and click "card" when purchasing (not pay or buy).

Please limit your attachments!! or poor eggs cant rez - NAKED EGG HUNT!! & play nice <3

Ends Midnight 21 March!